Rates as of 5/3/2017

30 Year Fixed  3.750% (3.815% APR)
15 Year Fixed 3.000% (3.118% APR)
5 Year Fixed Arm 2.750% (2.874% APR)

Above Interest Rates and APR are based off $300,000 Loan Amount, 60% LTV, No Points, >740 FICO, Escrowing, and Purchase of Single Family Owner Occupied Property in New Jersey.


Rates as of 5/3/2017

30 Year Fixed 3.875% (3.972% APR)
15 Year Fixed 3.250% (3.355% APR)
5 Year Fixed Arm 2.875% (3.001% APR)

Above Interest Rates and APR are based off a Loan Amount: $625,500, 60% LTV, 740 FICO, No Points, Escrowing, and Purchase of Single Family Owner Occupied Property in certain Counties in New Jersey.


Platinum Mortgage LLC offers Low Interest Rates with Low Closing Costs on a home loan refinance or purchase. We offer a variety of mortgage loan programs for the refinance or purchase of a Primary Home, Vacation/2nd Home, or Investment Property.

FHA Home Loans offer High LTV with low downpayment.

Purchase and Refinance loan program with up to 95% LTV with NO PMI.

Call today to get a Mortgage Pre Qualification or Mortgage Pre Approval.


"When shopping for the lowest mortgage rates on my home refinance, Platinum Mortgage offered a low interest rate mortgage with no surprises. The service was excellent."  -Thank you, Joe M

"After calling various mortgage brokers for a loan, Vincent was the first person to pick up the phone and answer my questions on the spot.  He continued to be readily available throughout the loan process.  In fact, I don't think I left him one voice mail.  Thanks to Vincent our loan was able to go from application to commitment in less than a month.  Everyone at our closing was amazed how fast our loan was approved.  And not only was it done fast, we got an unbelievability low rate too."

Dan and Deb from Montclair
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